Nail Art Design Tutorial Secret – Cute and Easy

Nail art is just beautiful. The sky is the limit for your designs. In this 2 min nail art design video tutorial, we show you how to do your nail art with a secret tool. You can soon be a nail artist!

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Nail Art?!?

Tweens and teens, do you go to the nail salon?

How much do you spend each time?

How often do you do it?

Boy, am I glad that I don’t have to pay to go to nail salons!😂

Check this out quick because you will try it shortly!!

Nail Art Salon Cost?

I hear the nail salon may cost something like $10 – $45 per nail! This doesn’t sound like much, but these calculations will blow your mind.

$10 per finger * 10 fingers * 4 times a month = $400! You can buy a brand new phone with that much money!😵😵

That’s nearly $5,000/year! And!!! Don’t forget all other things girls get, our hair done, lots of clothes, and shelves of shoes! 👠All of these can become VERY expensive!!

Oh, you go on costly shopping trips with your friends every month and get yearly designer Coach and Michael Kors hand bags?!? You could easily kiss goodbye to your sweet sixteen car 🚗 and new iPhone 6!

Nail Art Design

So, we are going to show you some secrets that even a beginner can do. You don’t even have to buy anything! We use all household items! With practice, you will soon be a nail art expert that will impress all of your friends!!😍

Here are some ideas that you can easily do on yourself!



Nail polish itself isn’t expensive at all. 💰Just get a bunch from the dollar store and start saving money for more important things.💅


Nail Art Design Tutorial

These are some of the  household tools that we use:

1. Toothpick like object
2. Cotton ball
3. Bobby/Hair Pin
4. Tape

Most importantly, use patience and practice!!! Some of these designs may take some time and practice, but you will be a master in no time.🕑

With these ideas in mind, we are certain you will be a great nail artist that gets complements from strangers!

Try it, and make sure that you show us some pictures!!

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