How to Study Secret Hack Method with 2 Simple Formula Today

Studying hack refers to methods of how to study effectively such as memorizing twice as much information in half the time. Surely, there are ways you can achieve, and this article shows you 2 of the simple, yet very effective how to study secret hack methods.

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In How to Study Secret Hack Method,  I mentioned there were two simple study hack methods. Here, we will review those in details.

How to Study Secret Hack Method Formula 1

“Use studying 4 senses”

The human 5 senses are defined as looking, hearing/listening, taste, smell and touch.

The studying 4 senses I am talking about here involve only looking, listening, talking and writing. I suppose you could combine smell since there are some research showing studying with good smell is good for retaining knowledge.

When you utilize all these studying 4 senses with the other tip I will provide, you experience some phenomenal results.

1. Looking – Duh, this is quite obvious, right??? 😯😯😯 Nearly 70-80% of information comes into your brain through eyes. Therefore, this is a no brainer. It is important to look at the studying materials.

2. Listening – This is NOT hearing. Hearing and listening differ by the attitude that you are actually paying attention to the information coming through your ears. If you are just hearing, obviously, that is not as effective.


3. Talking – This is NOT a random talking with others. This is the talking about the stuff you are learning. For memorizing vocabularies, you are repeatedly saying the same vocabulary multiple times.

4. Writing – This is the actual writing of what you are learning. Again for memorizing vocabularies, you repeatedly write the same vocabulary multiple times.


We then combine all these tasks at nearly the same time and keep repeating it. To do the listening part well, you may want to even purchase a head phone like device where you can actually talk onto the mic and you actually can listen to it.

Many of you already may own a mic/headphone piece that you use on your computer for Skype, etc. If you have this, then all you need is a free software like LineIn (on Mac) to passthrough your voice so that you can actually hear it (See below for the link).

In my days (well, that’s a long time ago…), we didn’t have something like this. 😰😱😲

I actually had to get a mic/headphone device that does exactly the passthrough voice echo from the mic to the headphone, which may have cost something like $50, twenty years ago!!!!



To use LineIn software is really easy, just select input, output and click Play Thru and you will start hearing your own voice. That’s all you need for studying smart!!

For memorizing vocabularies, the sequence goes like this.

– You say the vocabulary (talking) and listen (listening) to it(through your headphone if available).
– You then immediately write on a paper with your hand and a pencil/pen (writing), and look at it while you are all doing this (looking).

Once you get used to this, you almost do all these actions simultaneously and you usually do this for like 10 times for a vocabulary, and you repeat until you feel comfortable that you actually memorized it.


How to study secret hack method formula 2

“Memorize before sleep and after sleep”


One thing we don’t usually realize is that our brain keeps getting information “in” while we are awake from all the senses we have. As such, the information we store in our short term memory gradually starts forgetting things. Depending on kids, 50% of what they learned in the morning could be possibly forgotten by the time they sleep for the day. So that doesn’t seem to be as efficient.

Our job is to make sure kids put their information to their long term memory so that they don’t forget the learning materials easily. One way of doing this easier is to do the task before you go to bed and repeat the task the first thing in the morning.

This sounds rather funny, but there were times where this “Sleep study” was becoming a hot discussion because it worked. Whether how many of you or kids have tried is anybody’s guess…

The point is that we know from research that our brains are rather active while we sleep. The hope is that while shutting down external senses like looking, etc. while we sleep, all the brain activity would be more concentrated to the last information that came into the brain which is the stuff you do right before we go to bed. Then, in the morning before you brush your teeth or anything else, you review what you did the night before. The hope again is that this activity enforces the material to “stick” to your brain. This is like an enforced learning in some sense.

When you do this with other tips that others provide, like learn in 20-30 min chunks, teach others, use imaginary associations, etc., then you tend to learn and study smarter.

5. Create Mental Associations
12. Take Regular Study Breaks
19. Study in a Group
20 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory


If your kids do this on a daily basis, then I am certain their grades will go up. Hopefully, these tips will help your kids obtain a big scholarship/grant for their college study!!

Has anybody tried these methods before?

Feedback welcome!!

How to Study Secret Hack Method

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