Swagbucks review

Swagbucks is one of the cash back reward (or point) sites that appears to be famous, but I didn’t know until recently… 😭

This is a shame on me because if I knew it long time ago, I would have been much better off by now…

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Enter Swagbucks

A quick google search shows a Swagbucks article from 2009, so it’s certainly been a while that Swagbucks is in existence.

6 yrs is in cash back business is a looooooooong time, and there must be a reason that people use it today, right?? 😛

I read somewhere that Swagbucks paid out a total of $100 million in cash back to end users.

That is pretty good!

As it turns out, their official youtube video advertises exactly that. Take a quick look below.


There are so many sites talking about Swagbucks so I will just list the information that I think may actually help you quickly to get started.

But keep in mind things talked in the video like shopping with some cash back, searching, etc. are in fact helpful since you probably do these today already.

You just have to change your habit of doing the same a little through Swagbucks.

In any case, there are so many ways to earn cash backs with Swagbucks, and it could get confusing in the beginning.

I recommend you start small, and then build up later.

Swagbucks really works?!?

I am skeptical in general and I basically didn’t believe this site would work to get some cash back. I initially thought this was a spam…

I am sure you are just like me. I didn’t want to waste my time, either, as I am usually pretty tied up with kids’ activities.

So I did research some and found a few ways that Swagbucks could actually bring in some cash back.

We have done this for the last 3 months now, and it appears to constantly bring in some funds that we can use for other items.

Swagbucks denomination

Each one of them at a time accumulates a fraction of money called Swagbucks or SB, but when this gets combined with other tasks, that’s when the magic happens and SB grows big quicker!

1 SB is worth US 1 cent of actual money.

Too less you say!?

Stay with me as I show you how it will look in the end of the month.


Swagbucks sign up “how to”

There are only a few steps to sign up. I appreciate if you will sign up from my referral link below.

1. Go to Swagbucks site and register.

2. Install Swagbucks, Swagbucks TV Mobile and EntertaiNOW TV Mobile apps. These icons look like these below:


3. Run these apps with your registered info from step 1.

4. Follow the step below.

Swagbucks now what???

There are a few things you should immediately start doing on the phone.

There are a couple of android apps that can “passively” accumulate points. To minimize our own time spent, this is a pretty good way to try.

“Passive” means you run the app in the beginning, you just let it go, it will run on its own. That’s minimum maintenance.

Because many of us have smart phones already, this can do the job while you are not using the phone.

I personally don’t use cell phones for calling as much. If I do, I talk only a few minutes or less at a time. Most other times, the phone is idle at home.

Keep in mind your cell phone should be connected to a home wireless network or other high speed Internet that you have access to, as pulling a lot of videos on your cell data plan can cost you! 😩

Start running Swagbucks Mobile TV app and its videos.

If you let it run long enough (for a few hours), it can earn 36+ SB points! There are some bonus points after 36 SBs, and I usually get 40 or so SB per day.

Then run EntertaiNOW TV Mobile and its videos.

If you let it run long enough (for a few hours), it can earn 12+ SB points! There are some bonus points after 12 SBs, and I usually get 15 or so SB per day.

Now STOP and THINK for a minute. You already get something around 50 SB per day doing almost nothing. That’s $0.50/day or nearly $15.00/month!

There are times that these apps may become hung or give you some errors like “It could not reach the server.” or something. If that happens, you would just need to restart the app, and the life goes on.

That’s pretty good so far, right?

That’s not all, you can then refer other member in your family like your spouse.

You then double the amount doing the same thing, now at nearly $30.00/month!

When you refer, you get 10% of SBs of the person referred by you, so you actually will get a bit more than $30.00/month just doing these.

Swagbucks Coupons

If you came from my previous Save a lot at Kroger article, the ones you are interested in are probably the coupon tricks.

Swagbucks_CouponsMany coupons sites allow you to print out coupons, but one good thing about Swagbucks  coupon trick is that you get to print out only the ones you want and once you use the coupons at the store, you also get 10 SBs for every coupon you redeem!

So this is another win-win situation where you have double benefits!

To print out coupons, you go Shopping and Coupon menus on the left and follow the instructions. Select the coupon you want and print.

It will print to your physical printer for paper coupons. You know what to do with the rest!


Swagbucks videos on computer

You can obviously watch Swagbucks videos on your computer, too, if you so desire.

Just go to Watch menu on left, and watch the video to play on your computer. It will tell you how many SBs to receive after watching how many videos.


That’s pretty convenient because you probably want to hit with a smaller number of videos that can give you the most SBs. I think the daily limit of video SBs is 500 SB, and that’s a lot of videos to watch!!

Some videos can be helpful or something you really like.

For instance, we recently saw a bunch of robot videos. As I and my kids are generally interested in robotics, they were fun to watch and get inspired to.

Swagbucks earning

If you do these steps diligently, you could earn at least $10 – 15 /month per person. I am sure you will soon start using other options like shopping cash back, etc., and you will start earning more.

Though it depends on the person how much s/he could earn in a month, I just want to show you my past results.

Gift_cardsI will leave it up to you whether you think this is a lot and it’s worth your time or not. Swagbucks has certainly worked for me so far!

Think of it this way.

I personally spend very minimal time managing it.

For instance, at home, if I let it run the cell phone videos, I just let it run when I don’t use the phone.

If I walk around the house from time to time, and if I notice it “hung”, then I restart the app. That’s it.

There are some phones that work well with the app with minimal glitches. So you would have to try with yours and see. There are sites that show some of phone models that others have tested with.

Take home items

While becoming more confident using Swagbucks, I tried to redeem at the minimum pricing of $5 every time. I was getting a lot of $5.00 gift cards.

This did work ok, but after a while, we got pretty tired of redeeming too frequently.

See, every time you get the redemption approved, you usually print it out.

This could mean a lot of papers soon.

We had over 20 pages of $5 gift cards to redeem at a local store once, and that took a pretty long time for the cashier to enter.

Since then, we have been redeeming when the value reaches $25. The Swagbucks site has been stable since our beginning 3 months ago, and we can truly say we trust this site.

You may try to redeem at $5.00 until your comfortable level increases.

Are you now convinced??? 😋

If so, you can still sign up Swagbucks here!

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